Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Red River, Freshmen, Blue Bell, and Fights

Well, it's been a crazy couple of months. Family vacation, Impact (meeting the most precious incoming-now-freshmen at A&M), good friend getting married, starting my last semester at Texas A&M, doing school stuff, and trying to breathe....learning too.

Learning that God is here. He is now. He isn't going anywhere. He isn't going to leave me (or you!). He's right here.

Isn't that comforting!? It makes my day a whole lot better remembering this. Lately, I've had to say these things out loud daily or several times a day.

But God is so faithful and so good! He's teaching me that. Sometimes it isn't fun going through the process of something. But then as soon as it's over, you realize God taught you sooo much. He's so beautiful and good like that!

This is what my life has kind of looked like over the past few months...these are just a few of my gratefulness pictures!

The Thomas Family Vacation:
We started in Red River...oh Red River, NM, I left my heart with you for many reasons. 
Reason 1: I could sit outside in August in 50 degree weather with coffee and my favorite book.
Reason 2: It is socially acceptable to wear chacos and fishing shirts everyday.
Reason 3: Your Mountain Daisies are my favorite flowers. 
Reason 4: Your views are beautiful.

Reason 5: You have cool places like Camel Rock. 

We then headed to Santa Fe...cool city. Great food and weird people but I loved everyone of them. I also loved buying beautiful handmade jewelry from this Inca Indian lady. She was beautiful!
After a wonderful and restful family vacation, I headed to Impact. Impact is a retreat for incoming freshmen at Texas A&M/Blinn that introduces them to Christ and His community here. It's a beautiful thing! :) I was so excited! I was a prayer teamer, so while camp was going on I got to pray for the freshmen and retreat. God moved in awesome ways and did awesome work in their lives and mine!

My camp color was green; we were Omega session and camp Simeon (Omega Simeon)!

The beautiful Omega Simeon ladies! Absolutely love these chicas!
The rather handsome O-Sim gentlemen. 
My partner, Bryce! 
On the way to retreat...just look at those precious freshmen!

Some of my beautiful freshmen girls!
Then it was my life-long friend's wedding! 

The cutest little flower girl around, Harper

 OHMYGOODNESS!!! Then I had my last first day at Texas A&M...weird.

It did help that my class was in this room. 
Having photography as apart of my degree does make me a happy camper.
Early morning photo-shoots and coffee...ahhh

 This chica turned 19!! (She's a baby:) )
Shiloe: we walk around Sams getting samples, break into Breakaway before they open the doors and have the best convos. Love her! :)
Perks of being a morning person, being on campus to watch the sun rise over Olsen Field at Blue Bell Park (one of my favorite places!)
God is beautiful! Watch a sunrise this week. 
This past weekend my sister came to visit me!! We also had our first official game in the SEC!! Whoop! (gators 20, Texas A&M 17 :( ) 
Getting sunburnt at the game, having a fight break out right behind us at the game, eating bread bowls from Blue Baker, laughs and lots of talks...best. weekend. ever. 

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  1. Great post. You'll look back one day and be so glad you wrote about them. Have a great final year at A&M!! Hard to believe!!